CB Radio Social Distancing kahvimuki
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CB Radio Social Distancing kahvimuki


  • GBP: 5,99 £
  • EUR: €7.03
  • SEK: 71.97kr
  • NOK: 70.27kr
  • DKK: 52.28kr
  • AUD: $10.83

10 oz Coffee Mug printed with a funny CB Radio Social Distancing Quote. High quality ceramic coffee mugs printed with custom artwork.

10 oz Coffee Mug
Printed with a funny CB Social Distancing quote


10oz high quality ceramic coffee mugs printed with custom artwork. These mugs feature vibrant printing and are fully dishwasher proof, being manufactured using only highest quality materials.

We are able to provide mugs in both single and bulk quantities. Mugs are shipped in secure polystyrene boxes which are designed for the rigours of the postal system. Bulk orders are shipped in larger custom boxes. Custom artwork design service also available.

Ideal for clubs, events and awards.
Posted in secure packaging, no risk of breakage during shipping.
Please contact us via email at sales@hamradiosigns.co.uk with any quires regarding custom designs or orders.

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We do not find it acceptable for other suppliers to copy our designs or products. We work hard to design original high quality pieces. To this end, we will whenever possible take appropriate action against any parties that infringe our copyright.


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