True Orange 12v LED Edge Lit Shack Sign
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True Orange 12v LED Edge Lit Shack Sign


  • GBP: 20,99 £
  • EUR: €24.63
  • SEK: 252.21kr
  • NOK: 246.22kr
  • DKK: 183.21kr
  • AUD: $37.97

This listing is for one True Orange LED Edge Lit Shack Sign which is engraved and personalised with your choice of Ham Amateur Radio call sign.


This listing is for one True Orange 12v LED Edge Lit Shack Sign plaque which is engraved and personalised with your choice of Ham Amateur Radio call sign. The wording is not however limited to call signs, you can have any wording such as a CB handle, a name or just “ON AIR” for tx or recording purposes in studio settings. Please see the picture examples on this page.

These make great night time ambient lamps.
Fast next working day dispatch.
A truly unique product custom made just for you.
We offer 9 unique shapes of signs.
What you will receive:

A high gloss clear acrylic sign which is engraved using a special technique to produce a polished edge to the wording, which in turn makes the engraving glow like neon lights when illuminated. The signs illumination is created by 12 bright LED’s which are set into a high gloss black acrylic base which has non slip rubber feet attached underneath.

The size of the sign is 20cm (8″) wide x 14.5cm (5 3/4″) high except for design 2 which is 8cm high.

Single LED Colour sign which is powered by 12 volts DC (Note -This will need to connected to your own PSU power supply unit). The length of power lead is approx 60cm (24”) and is a 2 core wire RED + & BLACK -.

These are truly unique products that no shack should be without.

All signs are designed and made by MW0TOX in Wales UK.

When ordering, simply enter your call sign and select your preference for shape and colour, and we will make the sign with the same wording as the image AMATEUR RADIO STATION, ON AIR.

If you would prefer a custom design or different wording to those shown in our examples, please leave a message in the message section after selecting your call sign and colour choices.

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Any logos used by us are used with full permission from the owners of the logos / Trademarks. We will not use any registered Trademarks without permission as this is illegal, and if used, the product will then be classed as a counterfeit item.

We do not find it acceptable for others to copy our designs or products. We will where possible take appropriate action against any parties that infringe our copyright.


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Paino 250 g

Design 1, Design 2, Design 3, Design 4, Design 5, Design 6, Design 7, Design 8, Design 9


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