About Us

About us

All items are hand made by myself Barry MW0TOX in sunny South Wales, U.K. I have been a professional sign maker for 15 years, and I pride myself in my attention to detail and the quality of the items I produce.

Producing personalised HAM radio merchandise is my full time business, and I am 100% dedicated to providing the best service possible. This is not my hobby or a spare time business run from a back bedroom to try and earn an undeclared income.

  • 100% QUALITY.

Copyright and Trademarks.

Any logos used by us are used with full permission from the owners of the logos / Trademark. We will not use any registered Trademarks without permission as this is illegal, and if used, the product will then be classed as a counterfeit item.

We do not find it acceptable for others to copy our designs or products. We will where possible take appropriate action against parties that infringe our copyright.