Emergency Communications Call Sign LED Shack Sign
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Emergency Communications Call Sign LED Shack Sign


  • GBP: £ 19.99 - £ 31.99
  • EUR: €22.07 - €35.31
  • SEK: 227.78kr - 364.51kr
  • NOK: 240.92kr - 385.54kr
  • DKK: 163.63kr - 261.86kr
  • AUD: $36.58 - $58.53

Emergency Communications LED Shack sign engraved with your Ham Amateur Radio call sign.



Emergency Communications LED Shack sign engraved with your Ham Amateur Radio call sign. The wording on the photo has 2 call signs and WEST DEVON RAYNET . To order please enter 1 call sign in the text box then add a message to the Custom Design text box regarding any other call signs and your group name.

What you will receive, High gloss clear acrylic sign engraved using a special technique to produce a polished edge to the wording which in turn makes the engraving glow like neon lights. The illumination of the sign is created by 12 bright LED’s set into a high gloss black acrylic base which has non slip rubber feet attached underneath.

Size of the sign is 20cm (8″) wide x 14.5cm (5 3/4″) high.

We offer the signs in 3 types.

Single LED Colour & Multi Colour with a 3 button controller on the power lead which is powered by 12 volts DC and you need to connect this to you own PSU power supply unit. The length of power lead is approx 2ft 60cm and is a 2 core wire RED + & BLACK – The USB lead is 55cm long but can easily be extended with a USB extension lead.

And Multi Colour USB powered with a remote control.

Lifespan of the LED’s is over 100,000 hrs.

Truly unique product no shack should be without. Designed and made by MW0TOX in Wales UK

When ordering just enter your call sign and we will make the sign the same as the image

Also makes a great night time ambient lamp.

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Additional information

Weight 250 g
LED Colour

Amber/Yellow, Blue, Green, Multi Colour 12V, Multi Colour USB + Remote, Orange, Pink/Purple, Red, White


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